Ranger Inks Available




A permanent, non-bleed ink for watercoloring. They are acid free, fade resistant, non-smear, non-toxic, and re-inkers are available in all colors. These are the 20 colors they come in: Purple Berry, Carnation, Emerald, Tangerine, Banana, Crimson, Mustard, Russet, Aqua, Sepia, Olive, Library Green, True Blue, Plum, Teal, Maroon, Jet Black, Grape, Cobalt, and Coffee. PRICE: $4.50 each

Sea Brights & Sea Shells

These Sunsational inks are non-toxic, acid free, a thicker & richer EMBOSSABLE die ink, raised above the case to allow you to use any size rubber image, brayer, or texture tool, and re-inkers are available in all colors. They have 10 summer shades (beach ball yellow, bikini pink, citrus, pool, purple surf, popsicle orange, watermelon red, awning green, sail boat blue, and mussel black) 10 sunbleached pastels (conch shell, tropical raspberry, sea grass, ocean agua, cool peri, peach bellini, seashell pink, starfish green, cloudy blue, and sandal), and come with a easy to remove hinged lid. PRICE: $4.00 each


Colors that coordinate with country, lodge, nature, tex-mex, northwest, primitive, and folk art themes. These realistic earth tones come in 19 artist tones (red pepper, butterscotch, rust, lettuce, espresso, raisin, stream, terra cotta, mushroom, pesto, denim, cranberry, slate, caramel, giner, bottle, eggplant, current, and pitch black), 9 four-color hand made rainbows (autumn sunset, mountain lake, winter sky, wildflower, cabin fever, noel, stained glass, woodlands, and rueberry), and re-inkers are avaliable for all these colors. These 28 stamp pads are non-toxic, acid free, a thicker & richer EMBOSSABLE die ink, and fade resistant. They have a cushioned & raised felt pad, and have a removeable hinged lid. PRICE: $6.00 each


The stamp-it pads are child-safe, acid free, have a water color effect, and dry fast even on glossy paper. They also have a cusioned & raised felt pad, and a easy-to-remove hinged lid. These are the Stamp-it colors: peach, orange, christmas red, coral, hot pink, rose, hotter pink, yellow, hottest pink, flamingo pink, wine, new burgundy, barn red, red, tawny yellow, lime green, green, christmas green, sage, ocean green, yorktown green, mustard, periwinkle, lavender, purple, violet, bright brown, brown, teal, jamestown blue, light blue, turquoise, blue, blueberry, and black. Re-inkers are available in all the Stamp-it colors. PRICE: $4.00 each

Stamp-It Rainbow

The Stamp-It Rainbow pads are basically the same as the Stamp-it pads. The main differences are that all 18 of the pads have 4 colors combined, and the colors continue to blend on paper. The Stamp-it rainbow pads are: peaches, watermelon, pansy, circus, sherbet, seascape, geranium, electric, love U, sunrise, party, fiesta, primary, greenery, country, island, day dream, and cotton candy. Re-inkers are available in all colors. PRICE: $6.00 each

Big & Juicy

These are solid and rainbow pads that are 4-1/4" x 6-1/4" in size. These pads are a lot like the Stamp-It pads though they are much bigger. They are non-toxic, acid free, dry quickly (even on glossy paper), raised to ink stamp easier (also to make it easier to use a brayer), hinged at the lid for easy removal, and re-inkers are available. Big & Juicy come in 14 five-color hand-made rainbows (vibrant primary, gum drop, tutti frutti, foliage, beach umbrella, happy birthday, soothing sunset, spice, waterfall, sweet pea, herb garden, deep woods, mountain meadow, and hydrangea), and 6 solid tones (pink, red, blue, black, purple, and christmas green). PRICE: Rainbows- $12.95 each; Solids- $9.50 each


Decor It~ 2-oz. Kit; Comes in 25 colors which are: black, china blue, navy, primary blue, cranberry, bottle, forest green, spring green, moss green, lilac, ocher, periwinkle, primary red, tea rose, terra cotta, venetian red, verdigris, violets, white, primary yellow, mahogany, copper, gold, platinum, and silver. PRICE: $9.00 each

Decor It~ 2-ox. Re-inker in all colors PRICE: $6.00 each